Why Students Hate Writing Essays

The life of a typical college student is a pretty busy one. It involves going to classes, having a daily routine, preparing for tests and exams, as well as devoting time to social activities. Many things compete for the time of college students.
It is not surprising that essay writing is not on top of the list of the most favorite activities of many students. This is because there are some reasons essay writing does not appeal to students. This article will shed light on the reasons why many students hate writing essays.

Poor Writing Experience

For you to compose an essay that will appeal to your instructor, you need to have some experience of writing assignments. Yet, many students do not have enough experience writing essays.
Besides, there are many types of essays, and each comes with various writing styles. It is impossible for students to master all the tricks of writing various essays. In addition, developing a logical flow of ideas could be intimidating. The ability to present their points logically makes students hate the overall concept of writing essays.

Essay Writing Is Time Consuming

To develop a standard essay, you will need to come up with an outline. After developing the outline, you also need to create the first draft. This could take more than an hour. The essay is not yet perfect with the first draft. You have to correct it for mistakes and logical flow of ideas before writing the final draft.
This could take hours, which could be uncomfortable for many students. Students have many things to do, like preparing for tests, assignments, sports activities, social life, etc. Devoting so much time to doing an essay is one of the reasons why I hate writing essay.

Students Do not See Relevance

Students studying English Language as their major course will have to write many essays. This is important and expected, as it is their field. It is also relevant as it could determine their success.
Students in other fields like Economics, Chemistry, and others do not see the relevance of essay writing. They do not see the connection; hence they consider it a waste of time. Since they do not see the significance, they do not see the point. As a result, many students might prefer to benefit from paper writing help online to provide their essays and other papers on time.

Essay Topics Are Sometimes Abstract

Essay topics are usually boring and do not interest students. This kills the passion they have for writing the essay. The majority of the students will more likely be interested in naming and watching the Kardashians than researching and writing on the Slave trade in America.
In addition, most essay topics are hardly relevant to their everyday life. When the essay topic does not interest them, they are less likely to be interested in writing. This makes them hate writing essay.

Revising Can be Boring

Racking your brain, doing research, and coming up with an essay is a tiresome process. It gets even more boring when you have to go back to what you have written to check for errors. You will have to read it over and over again in search of minor mistakes.
It gets more annoying when your professor demands more revision. Going back to the same work for more than two times to make changes to please the professor's taste could be frustrating. This is because students are not learning anything new but merely making amendments to satisfy the professor's demand. This, among many reasons, is why students do not like writing assignments.

Concluding Remarks

We understand and agree that writing an essay could be boring. However, as long as you are in college, you might not be able to escape essay writing. The good news is that there is paper writing help online that can help you write good essays. This way, you get a perfect essay without the stress that comes with trying to compose an essay.