The U.S. Healthcare Delivery System Essay Example

The U.S. Healthcare Delivery System is one of the most complex healthcare delivery systems compared to other countries. I think that the U.S. has made some improvements to the system over the years. I also think that the U.S. has a long road ahead to get the health care system in better shape and to try and get the cost of the healthcare down. There are factors that keeps the cost of the healthcare so high. One of them being the expanding world of technology. Technology is expensive and to be able to bring that high tech into the health care world it ends up costing everyone involved more and more money. Yes, its great to have the technology that can speed up the process of a procedure or help heal someone quicker and smoother but with all that comes the cost. Someone must pay for it and its not the government in most cases that will be paying for it. I do think that the healthcare world is headed in the right direction with the focus being keeping the community healthy. Not trying to get people sick to be running into the doctor. Being able to educate the communities on ways to stay healthy to keep them out of the doctor’s offices. Again, I do think this is in the right direction, but I also think there is a long way to go with it. I do feel strongly that nutrient needs to be relooked at and the whole food pyramid to be revamped. Keeping the community healthy should come focus on getting the right foods to the communities so they can stay healthy and hopefully educate them on the right and wrong foods. The US has more processed and added things in foods then most other countries. This cant be good for the human bodies to be able to process unnatural things when it made to process natural things. I think that the government has a big job to be doing in the healthcare field. It should really be looked at why our cost is so high, life expectancy, and other things that other countries are not dealing with.

The healthcare system has some key components to the healthcare system. The key components are; finance, insurance, delivery, and payment. Each of these will be broken down and looked at a little closer on what they mean for the healthcare system. Starting first with finances. Finances are needed in order for one to get health insurance or to pay for the cost of health care services. Many people are able to get health insurance through their employer. The employer will buy insurance from a Managed Care Organization (MCO) or an insurance company and then offer this to their employees and their families of course the employee has to pay a monthly premium for the coverage that usually will be deducted from their pay checks. There are some public programs that are funded by the government. Most of the time one has to meet qualifications in order to get one of the public programs. Insurance, another key component of the healthcare system. Insurance is there to protect the insured when the insured is needing a service that are expensive. The insurance also determines what and where services are covered for the insured. Lots of times the insurance will also be the one to process the insurance claims. These are sometimes outsourced to a third-party clearing house but still done by insurance companies or MCO’s. Delivery, delivery is when the health care services are being provided by providers. Providers refer to physicians, dentists, therapist, hospitals, imaging clinics, etc. Most of the time providers will only provide services to those that have insurance. Sometimes they will provide a service if someone does not have insurance in emergency situations or if the person pays for the services up front. Last key component being looked at is payment. The payment is the reimbursement that is given to the providers for the services that they provided. The patient will pay their portion of it if it is a copay, deductibles or what not and then the insurance company or MCO will pay the remainder for the agreed upon amount for the procedure that was done. If it is with a public program it will come from tax revenues.

There defiantly are issues in the healthcare system that are broken and have been broken for a long time. Will they ever get fully resolved? I don’t know, I would like to think that the health care system would and should be perfect. This is a far reach, no one and no thing is perfect. There is hope that some of the broken areas in the health care system will be fixed but will it every be perfect, no. There will always be work that needs to be and improvements that can be made. One of the major things that needs to be improved quickly would be the cost of healthcare. Many people just simply can’t afford to have health insurance. They are over income for the government programs but can not afford it with their employer or their employer does not offer them health insurance. This should be fixed asap, it has had some improvements over the years but there needs to be more, especially for children. No child should have to go without having proper healthcare. Which that tide in that everyone should have health insurance. The US has some of the higher numbers of individuals not having health insurance. Not having health insurance leads to poor health and can lead to poor health of communities. Having facilities available to lower income communities so they have easy access to the providers. If they can’t drive or don’t have a way of transportation, they should have a healthcare facility near by that it would make it easy for them to get to.

Having that equitable access and affordable access ties into what was just mentioned. No matter what area someone lives they should be able to go and get the exact same care at the same rate that the next person gets. Or from one community to the next community should all be provided the same cost and type of care. It should no matter if it is lower income community or not. Having that access available to everyone everywhere should be key in everyone involved in the healthcare system. There still are and will be disparities that may affect the type of care or the specialty of care needed. Things that can affect this is, race, age, sex, low income, etc. That is just naming a few things. Even with these to try and educate the community on health living hopefully will help keep all areas, all people, no matter what or who they are a little healthier.

In the healthcare system there are government and non-government run programs. Government programs would be programs that are funded by the government such as; Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP, and some other specialty programs. Medicaid is generally for low income individuals and families. Most of the time they have to make under a certain income amount monthly in order to qualify for Medicaid. Medicare is for individuals that are 65 and over and also for some individuals with certain disabilities. CHIP (children’s health insurance program) is for children where their family is over income for the free Medicaid program but still low income. There is usually a small monthly premium for the ones that qualify for the CHIP. The government also has some other programs that will help out individuals that are low income or that have disabilities.

The healthcare field in the US is huge and with that comes a variety of healthcare professionals. Some of the healthcare professionals are; physicians, nurses, therapists, surgeons, dentists, pharmacists, dieticians, optometrists. That is just to name a few of the professionals. Most is not all of these needs at least 4 years of college education some more then that and then on the job training and state or national testing in order to be certified or licensed in their state. All of these health professionals can be found in private office setting, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, nursing homes.

Some of the healthcare trends that are going to be seen going forward with the system is the technology. The technology is not slowing down. It is not slowing down with anything and that stays true in the healthcare world also. There will continue to be new technology coming out and current technology improving. The cost is another trend, there are going to more expenses and hopefully a continue look on how to decrease the cost of healthcare. There will be a continues look on how to make a healthier community, educating communities to make and keep them healthier. That is just naming a few things.

There is no stop to healthcare. Healthcare is always going to be here and is always going to be needed and there is always going to be improvements and changes being done to the healthcare world. It is everyone’s mission that are healthcare professionals to provide great quality of care to everyone no matter what the background is. The healthcare system has come a long way over the years, and I don’t expect to be changing anytime soon as mentioned before there will always be changes being made and hopefully changes that are in the best for everyone involved.